Восковая мазь от артрита

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Восковая мазь от артрита

Waxc ream for Arthritis, with Arnica oil, beeswax cariti butter, essential oils of gaultheria, harp ylang  ylang, mint carnation and vitamin E', made in the  the holy cell of St. Nicholas on Mount Athos.

Properties: Rich in essential oils, suitable for massage. It has a healing effect upon application on the body parts that are in pain. The essential oils and the remaining ingredients it contains contribute to the restoration of the suffering areas. Very effective against the pain of joints, muscles and waist. It cures and relieves from arthritis, chronic arthritis, even from common flu, by a simple massage to the sensitive areas.

Contains no additives or chemicals. 

Precautions - Contraindications:  Essential oils are natural medicines for this reason avoid using without advice from a doctor for pregnant women, babies, people with epilepsy and hypertension where people aklouthoun homeopathic treatment.

The above information is not a substitute for medical advice or advice of another health care professional. Provided for informational purposes only. Do not discontinue any other medical care recommendations without first consulting your doctor.

Net weight: 75 gr, 106ml